As society moves forward technologically and scientifically, pollution wrecks the natural environment. Learn here about the effects of industrial accidents such as the Great Smog of London, Love Canal, the Hanford nuclear plant, the Exxon Valdez, Chernobyl, and Bhopal This series of nonfiction readers will grab a student's interest from the very first page! Designed with reluctant readers in mind, these riveting 64-page softcover books offer short chapters on significant disasters. Each chapter is its own mini book, which includes a time line, key terms and interesting facts. Fascinating black and white photographs keep the pages turning. A bibliography encourages further topical reading,. The series is also supported by a comprehensive teacher resource providing answers, a suggested lesson format and ten reproducible activity pages to support each nonfiction title, which focus on giving lower-level readers the tools to construct, extend and examine the meaning of text.