Panda is the place to connect with others who share a love of the writers and the books that make English learning so much more fun and dynamic than relying on textbooks alone.

Not only will you have faster and more convenient access to these resources using your eBook reader, but you’ll also have the chance to discover new writers, stories and resources to further your English education, both as a teacher, or as a student. Browse the eBooks you want, purchase them quickly, at value, and start reading right away, no matter where you are!

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eBooks are one of the true revolutions in literature technology, and it’s happening now! You can be a part of it, whether you own a smartphone, such as an iphone or android powered phone, a tablet, such as the iPad or Blackberry PlayBook, or even on your standard personal computer or Apple computer. It’s easy!

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With Panda, eReading couldn’t be easier – our goal is to bring you the eBooks you are looking for, help you purchase them quickly and get you reading right away – anytime, anyplace, on any device.

For instance, did you know that with Panda, you can browse, search, buy and read your favorite eBooks on just about any device you choose – from select Smartphones, tablets, computers, eReaders and more.

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Further, Panda is just like your favorite bookstore, but without the inconvenience of going to a bookstore, only to find the book you need is out of stock. We have an ever-growing library of books, from bestsellers to new releases, award winners and classics, all to help you on your way to learning and teaching English. The best thing is, our books never run out of stock!


Panda files are in standard pdf format so it's easy their easy to read in the most popular smartphones. This means that you can download your panda ebooks to any device which support the pdf format. Get your favorite eBooks and download them directly to your phone at anytime.


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Panda ebooks are in pdf format which is supported on most popular tablets. This means you can browse, search, buy and read your favorite eBooks and download them directly to your tablet at anytime.


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Panda ebooks are pdf format so with free Adobe Acrobat Reader software you can easily read your ebooks on your computer or laptop. All you have to do is download the Adobe Acrobat Reader Software and install it on your computer — Acrobat Reader Software supports Windows, Macintosh and Linux based computers.