Great Books, Designed for Learners

Sifting through the world of e-books can be a daunting task, especially for English learners…

At Panda Books, we focus on collecting the best books for language learners and young readers, making them easily available for download onto your tablet, pc, or smartphone, so you can take your books with you where ever you are. Making your learning more convenient means it’s easier to further advance your English!

When we set out to start this project, we had the learner in mind from the start. Our book collections reflect this, including easy to read fiction and nonfiction, graded readers, children’s picture books, and general trade material for all levels, interests and ages. We find engaging titles that further both your particular skills, interests or tastes, as well as your interest in advancing your English – if we are pulled into the book, we’re sure you will be too!

We are constantly updating and expanding our collection to give you more books to enjoy…

When possible, we try to provide level information and general information about the book to make it easy for you to decide which books are right for you, and our multilingual interface takes the hassles out of site navigation.

We believe in learning as a life-long process, and it’s our goal to provide the options and framework to support learners at every level. We hope you’ll come back often to see what’s new, and hope you make us a part of your reading adventures!