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How It Works

how it works

1. Select Catalog button and view all current titles at once
2. Select Genre button and you can browse through the your type of books that you like
3. Select the books that you wish to purchase and start reading straight away- it's as easy as that


The app that provides educational e-books to
English language learners

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Panda E-books Features


All e-books listed inside are available in alphabetical order.


One of the great features of the app is the authors section which outlines a clear profile of the biographies of all the authors.


This is a key feature of the app which allows students to search books according to their level both either by TOEIC or Eiken.


The app allows you to search for the type of area you like to read catagories are quite diverse from classics to mystery to adventure to name a few.


which convientent section puts all the books that you decide to purchase into one section for you so that they can be viewed easily at anytime.


Clicking on this button shows all titles currently available within the app at one time.

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